About Us....

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At Mah's Helping Hand (MHH), we are committed to providing a Mah Jongg tool for you and your generations of loved ones to use over and over. We believe our products will take the frustration away from beginners and seasoned players alike. Our Highlighters are perfect for SIAMESE MAH JONGG® and Royale SIAMESE MAH JONGG®, too!


About Our Products....

Mah's Highlighters will adhere to the surface of your NMJL card. However, they will stay cleaner and last much longer when used with our Sleeves. Our Sleeve Kits include 3 or 4 Highlighters.


Mah's Helping Hand card Sleeves are made of thick, clear, polypropylene. They have a closable flap on the end that provides a tight seal for protection from liquids, food, etc.  Our Sleeves stay clear and intact for years of prolonged use!