Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My Highlighters are getting dusty and seem less sticky. Can I wash them?

A: Yes. Bring them back to full stick by using a drop of degreasing dish soap and warm water. Gently rub both sides and rinse well. Gently pat dry with a micro-fiber towel or a lint free rag. They will be like new! It's almost magic! Eventually they will collect dust, fingerprints, etc. which may diminish their adhesion. So just wash them. Watch a video on Cleaning your Highlighters. 

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Q: Can I use the Highlighters directly on my Mah Jongg cards without your Sleeve?

A: Yes however, the Highlighters will get dusty quicker, may lose their stickiness, and require cleaning more often. They work best with our Sleeves.

Q: Can I use the Highlighters on my old card protector?

A: Yes. Our Highlighters work fine on them. Those card protectors seem to cloud and crack quickly so that's why we love our card Sleeves and recommend using them with our Highlighters.

Q:  How do I store my Highlighters between uses?

A:  Store your Highlighters placed FLAT on your Sleeve protected card. Make sure the Highlighters are kept away from the creases of your card, when tri-folded and put away. A crease in the Highlighter will diminish its adhesion properties. Keep them FLAT!

Q: Do Mah's Sleeves close completely?

A: Yes. Our uniquely designed Sleeves have a 1" flap on one end and an adjustable velcro dot to close and custom fit the card you want to protect. 

Q: What Mah Jongg cards do your covers fit?

A: Small Sleeve fits the NMJL standard (small) card (4"x 5 1/8").
Large Sleeve fits the Large and Small SIAMESE MAH JONGG LEAGUE® cards and the Large NMJL card.
All of these cards need covers, the SIAMESE MAH JONGG LEAGUE® cards in particular. They are made of slightly thinner stock paper. That's a great card though and should be covered to preserve it for frequent
use! :)

Q: How did you come up with this idea? 

A: Well, that’s a great question and a lovely story. Read about it here, in MY BLOG.