Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My Highlighters are getting dusty and seem less sticky. Can I wash them?

A: Yes. Bring them back to full stick by using a drop of degreasing dish soap and warm water. Gently rub both sides and rinse well. Gently pat dry with a micro-fiber towel or a lint free rag. They will be like new! It's almost magic! Eventually they will collect dust, fingerprints, etc. which may diminish their adhesion. So just wash them. Watch this video on washing your Mah Jongg Highlighters. 


Q: Can I use the Highlighters directly on my Mah Jongg cards without your Sleeve?

A: Yes. However, the Mah Jongg Highlighters will get dusty quicker, may lose their stickiness and require cleaning more often. They work best with our card Sleeves.

Q: Can I use the Highlighters on my old card protector?

A: Yes. Our Mah Jongg Highlighters work fine on them. Those card protectors seem to cloud and crack quickly so that's why we love our card Sleeves and recommend using them with our Highlighters.

Q:  How do I store my Highlighters between uses?

A:  Store your Mah Jongg Highlighters FLAT on your protected card Sleeve. Make sure the Highlighters are kept away from the creases of your card when tri-folded and put away. A crease in your Mah Jongg Highlighter will diminish its adhesion properties. Keep them FLAT!

Q: Will your Sleeves protect my card from liquids?

A: Yes. Our uniquely designed card Sleeves have a 1" flap on one end and an adjustable velcro dot to completely enclose and custom fit the card you want to protect. It's water resistant.

Q: What Mah Jongg cards do your Sleeves fit?

A: Our Small Sleeve fits the standard (small) NMJL card (4"x 5 1/8").
Our Large Sleeve fits the Large NMJL card as well as both the Large and Small Siamese Mah Jongg® League cards.
All of these cards need covers, the Siamese Mah Jongg® League cards in particular. They are made of slightly thinner stock paper. That is a great card though and should be covered to preserve it for frequent use! :)

Q: How did you come up with this idea? 

A: Well, that’s a great question and a lovely story. Read about it here, in MY BLOG

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