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Dear Mah Jongg Teachers,

My name is Tina Gottesman, creator of Mah Jongg Highlighters. I want to share the benefits of teaching American Mah Jongg with the Highlighters as a helpful tool, assisting both new students and players but teachers as well!

Let’s set the scene. You have another class of new students. The NMJL card is overwhelming to your class at first. Students can highlight the specific hand they are focusing on and collectively you are all focused, and working through the lesson. As students pass through the Charleston and form hands, they can highlight one or two hands they are building. No need for students to point with their finger. Their hands are free to pass tiles once their card’s hands are highlighted. The multi colored highlighters help students laser focus on the hands they are vying for. Stress and uncertainty are reduced as clarity and confidence are found when using Mah Jongg Highlighters. While you are teaching and helping students at different tables, seeing their highlighted hands speeds up your teaching time with each student. You both can clearly see a hand highlighted in blue, pink, yellow or orange. When a hand is highlighted students won’t have to ask, “What hand or hands did you say I should be working on again?” Mah Jongg Highlighters help remove frustration from both students and teachers. Everyone learns differently and at a different pace. The Highlighters help give the opportunity to slower or more challenged students to keep up with the class.

I have sold hundreds of Mah Jongg Highlighters to teachers, students, visually impaired and dyslexic Mah Jongg players. I offer Mah Jongg Instructor/Bulk Buying with savings up to 50% off retail. You can pass this savings on to your students or make some additional money per student for yourself. Be the first or one of the first MJ Instructors in your area to offer Mah Jongg Highlighters to your students. They are washable and reusable. Sets come with a protective clear Sleeve to slide over your playing card and simply snap closed. Cards are kept clean and safe from spills and food. Mah Jongg is a game utilizing luck, skill, memory and strategy. There’s so much for new students to take in the first few months. It just got a little easier with the help of Mah Jongg Highlighters. They are a helpful tool while playing Siamese Mah Jongg® too!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions. I have included an 8 minute video for you to see how easy and convenient it is to use the Mah Jongg Highlighters while teaching! Click here to watch it. Thank you, Tina Gottesman President Mah’s Helping Hand



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