MJ Teachers are Teaching Online and Using Mah Jongg Highlighters.

Eventually teaching Mah Jongg in person will come back. But for the immediate future, teaching American Mah Jongg is being done safely online. It's incredibly convenient for both the teachers and the students.

The proven brain health benefits of playing MJ keep the demand high for learning to play this fun brain game.

Mah Jongg Highlighters have become an essential tool for teaching Mah Jongg in person and now while teaching online. They allow teachers to clearly communicate with each student regarding which hands to follow as they are being virtually taught the many rules and nuances of the game.

Watch this Youtube video on how teachers and students use the Mah Jongg Highlighters while learning to play. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlYb1HpB57U

I'm assuming most Mah Jongg teachers are contemplating how to move forward with teaching the many students who want to learn to play. Learning to teach American Mah Jongg online may be the only way for now.

Debbie Barnett has the perfect solution for you to continue or begin teaching American Mah Jongg during and beyond this pandemic. The first ever, online interactive School of American Mah Jongg is now interviewing teachers and players who want to seque into teaching. Her classroom environment is unlike anything else out there. I've seen it. It's pretty amazing.

Her platform is unique. It does not use Realmahjong.com or any other game room subscription service out there to teach. It is a classroom environment where you, the teacher, can remote control each student's hands and see all four players' hands while each student is seeing only their hand.  This enables you as the teacher to help the student arrange their tiles in the correct order, help them choose the Charleston moves etc. It's fantastic!

Debbie suggests her Instructors include the Mah Jongg Highlighters in their pricing structure for classes just as she does. She has found the Highlighters to be a necessary tool for her students while she teaches. For example, the Highlighters help her students to easily keep track of their hands while she is teaching and once they finish the classes they can continue to use the Highlighters while playing online with their friends and spot their hands with ease.  She said she is happy to share her experiences with any of you.

It's very exciting but may sound intimidating. Keep in mind Debbie said she walks teachers through the process of teaching American Mah Jongg online with such care and ease they will quickly learn the process and be on their way to a new, safer and more efficient way of teaching American Mah Jongg.

Who knows? Once you learn this way of teaching online you may never go back to teaching in person. You may quickly realize your opportunity to teach all over the country and even in Canada. Could be the way of the future. Well, at least another way.

Debbie Barnett's online teaching information:

An Intro to The School of American Mah Jongg Classroom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkDZhU97mwI&t=545s Visit the online school at www.mahjongteacher.com.

Contact Debbie at mahjongteacher1@gmail.com or call 561-809-9109.