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Omgsh! Are you playing online yet? Jump in. Our Mah Jongg Highlighters will help so much!

Take advantage of this #stayhome time and practice playing Mah Jongg online, but in a big way.

What I mean is be brave while playing online. Go for hands on the card that scare you, ones you usually stay away from. Like Singles and Pairs. Always have a backup hand, though.

Use the Mah Jongg Highlighters and delve into the Singles and Pairs hands. Place a Highlighter on your potential Singles and Pairs hand, then use another Highlighter for your backup hand in another section. Listen to 2020 Card Patterns and Rhythms from Mah Jongg Mondays podcast on Apple Podcasts. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mah-jongg-mondays-podcast/id1500813737?i=1000474198860

You will hear Mah Jongg expert Daron Barness talk about how each hand in the Singles and Pairs section has a backup hand. Converting from a Singles and Pairs hand to somewhere else on the Mah Jongg card is a big transition because you are leaving a section entirely as opposed to just switching hands within a section.

So place another Highlighter on your backup hand in case you have to shift when you see your tiles being discarded. You will easily be able to see and keep track of your backup hand instead of panicking and scrambling to find another hand.

I'm really enjoying playing online against bots for now. That little blinking "waiting for you" reminder keeps me on my toes and at a quicker pace. I tried my first Singles and Pairs hand today. I was only 2 tiles away and the game ended in a wall game. So I was happy with my efforts.

Again, take some time to get yourself set up with playing Mah Jongg online. It's the perfect time to improve your skills and speed. If you need some help, I would be happy to assist you. Email me at MahsHelpingHand@gmail.com and we can set up a time to talk. Stay safe.

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