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This terrific sleeve stays clean and clear. It doesn't get dull or

ripped like the vinyl ones we've had in the past.

Gladys Grad 


Brava! These are fantastic. My students have come up with their own

inventions (an index card with a rectangle cut out to showcase one hand)

for example, but these are a step up! One of my students just ordered a set of 8!

Mindy Berman 


For those who care nothing about the ‘helping hands’, the covers are WONDERFUL.

Years ago, the league sold Clear covers. Now they are opaque. These are terrific.

Clear and actually have a little Velcro snap to slide the card in and out. So easy. Highly recommend.

Sharon Sheridan


As a new Siamese MJ player I need help focusing in on potential hands. My mind is kind of

working on overdrive looking for two hands to simultaneously play in this version of MJ.

Using the highlighters helps me to hone in on my card to exactly where I need to be looking.

It makes it easier for my eyes to go exactly where they need to be. I'm also dyslexic

and the highlighters assure me I'm looking at the right hands once I've decided on them.

I've often made mistakes being on the hand especially in 2 4 6 8, Consecutive Run, 1 3 5 7 9 and 3 6 9.  

So thankful these highlighters were invented and available to help those of us who need it!

I recommend these to my friends learning how to play both Siamese and regular Mah Jongg.

Fern Bernstein


I have been teaching Mahjongg for 6 years.

A few years ago I purchased a vinyl card protector for my card to keep it clean.

Before long, it began to rip and had a cloudy film so I threw it away. 

I always used my fingers, pointing at the hand I was considering, even folded a

paper to remind me what hand I was working on, all the time losing my place as I began to play.

These helping hand highlighters have changed the way I find a hand (hands).  I can

get distracted, as I listen to chatter, seeing what is thrown, and knowing where I am playing.

Using the highlighters, it is easy to see where I am playing.

The sleeve is great. I like to keep my card clean and since I keep it with me all the time, 

it keeps it from tearing or getting soiled in my purse. Happy to share them with my new students, too.

Hilda H.


Happy I purchased the Mah's Helping Hand card cover and highlighters.  As a beginning player,

the highlighted sticky strips are very helpful when I'm identifying the best sections of the card to focus

upon and settle on hands to play.  And I no longer have to worry about spilling something on the card

during a game because of the wraparound sleeve closure.  Nice to have some extra help!



These are great! I use them while I am teaching. Makes it so much easier

for the newbie to keep track of the 2-3 hands we are concentrating on. 

These are such a great invention! My students love them! 

They are a must for any class I teach and all my students are purchasing them now!

Debbie Barnett


I am a beginner! I COULD NOT play this game without the kit I purchased from Mah's Helping Hand!

It came quick and in an adorable silk bag that I now keep all of my cards and accessories in!

The highlighters are key to help your eye go right to the line you are playing!! The sheer sleeve is perfect for

keeping your card fresh and clean! No bending and no glare!! Thank you for this great product!!!

Mitzi S.


Easy to spot which hand I'm playing when I lose my place!

Dale G.


Great product!! This is a must have for a Mahjongg beginner.

Andrea J.


I love the use of this accessory kit when playing Mah Jongg. The sleeve keeps my card protected

from spills such as coffee, water or wine while playing. The highlighters keep me focused on the

hands that I am considering so I can call MAH JONGG! Have fun and get in the game with this kit!

Darlene R.


I want to spread the word about your product, because it is truly so helpful. I think they are excellent

for students and beginners. They would be great in Siamese MJ. They are an ingenious idea! I have

several friends taking lessons in Sept. These will be perfect for them!

Fern Bernstein


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